09 Aug

The SBI Yono app helps in verifying the user through the RMN system, which means that messages would be sent to users through SMS to get access to the SBI YONO app.

The sb001 technical error yono will occur if the code sent on the registered mobile number does not match and confirm. 

The SBI Bank states that the sb001 technical error yono, is a temporary error that can be resolved easily by following some of the steps given below:

  1. Check the internet or network connection.
  1. Users can also try to delete cache & cookies from the device before starting the YONO app to avoid the sbi 001 technical error
  1. Ensure that the device is capable of receiving SMS
  1. If the app is not updated with the latest version sbi technical yono app error can occur, try to update it then, 
  1. Ensure to give all the permissions while installing the SBI YONO app,
  1. Faulty installation can also lead to the occurrence of an error, try to install the app again and properly.
  1. Try to use a different device or 


Try to use the YONO lite version to avoid the sbi 001 technical error.

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